Multi-Use Salad Spinner

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With the MegaChef 10-in-1 Multi-Use Salad Spinning Slicer, Dicer, and Chopper with Interchangeable Blades and Storage Lids, you have the help of a Sous Chef right by your side. This handy multi-tasking tool will eliminate countless hours of needless manual slicing and chopping while producing perfectly uniform chopped and diced vegetables in a fraction of the time. Slice and dice all your veggies within a matter of minutes.


  • Cut your prep time in half with all the handy tools needed in your kitchen.
  • Compact and lightweight, Ideal for picnics and RVs.
  • Offers 8-interchangeable blades to cut, dice, slice, julienne, grate, and chop
  • Hand washes are only recommended.
  • Make the perfect salad in minutes.

Package Included:

  • 1x Multi-Use Salad Spinner 

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