Dual-Purpose Pillow with Super Soft Fabrics

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Back in the days of Ancient Egypt, a carved stone was considered a very comfortable and supportive pillow, but in today's world, you're probably looking for something a bit softer, in fact, too soft you'd never want to leave your bed!

The pillows are densely filled, so the support is fairly firm, yet with the soft give that is a hallmark of down. You'll also appreciate the fill's resistance to dust mites and other allergens. Even better for allergy sufferers, you can toss this pillow into the washing machine and dryer without any ill effects or loss of loft.


  • Perfect for every type of sleeper (side, back, stomach, combination)
  • Reduce neck and shoulder pain sufferers
  • It also produces less off-gassing odor than most similar shredded foam pillows.
  • Scrunchy enough for most people who like to snuggle with a pillow while they sleep
  • Filling: Buckwheat
  • Material: 100% Cotton