10pcs Baby Clothes Hangers

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A changing table, glider and crib were all probably on your list of requirements for your baby's nursery. While you may have purchases all of those, you probably forgot baby hangers. They're often overlooked but they are definitely a necessity. Especially when you will probably receive tons of outfits from your shower. Sure you may have plenty of drawer space but it's easier to see your little one's outfits when hey are all hung up. It should no surprise that baby hangers are different from adult hangers.


  • Ultra-slim profile which maximizes space in your closet
  • We constructed our hangers for kids clothes with reinforced plastic on the edges for better stability and support for outfits like shirts, dresses, pants, and more
  • Offer better organization and harmony to your space. 
  • Does not stain your children’s garments and create no burrs or flash.