17.7 In. X 78 In. Lisboa Red Self Adhesive Window Film - Set of 2

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d-c-fix static adhesive window films are an easy and affordable solution for dressing your window when you need to maintain some privacy, without having to close your curtains or blinds - the films also supplement nicely curtains or blinds. d-c-fix films provide a decorative and colorful touch , without sacrificing day light. The film can be used to any glass surfaces: windows, interior, garage, mirrors, glass tables. The films can be applied to any type of window shape or size. d-c-fix adhesive film is an easy application cut to size, peel the backing paper off and apply on a clean glass surface (mild water soap solution can be used to ease the application. Any excess water needs to be removed with a squeegee)- if necessary use a wet rag to rub and work all the bubbles out. Any side excess can be trimmed with a razor knife. The d-c-fix static film can be removed quickly upon applying to reposition properly the film.
  • Easy to apply - apply to glass windows - mirrors - glass tables
  • Self-adhesive - sticky film with removable backing paper
  • No loss of light- some privacy
  • Easy repositioning during the application
  • Ideal for any glass surfaces including side-lights and glass door panes
  • High quality - Made in Germany
  • colorful film with beautiful designs

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