Long Handle Cleaning Brush

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How are you going to get rid of caked on food residue or baked on crust with a traditional sponge? Grab a handy scrubbing brush for pots, pans and everything else that’s tough to clean.

This cleaning brush is a no-frills, well-made scrub brush that is a necessity in any kitchen. Featuring a food scraper on the back for the toughest messes, this brush is dishwasher safe and has a comfortable rubber grip. 

Doing the dishes is simple. You need a good dish soap, a sponge or dish cloth, and if you’re smart, a brush — the most mighty and powerful of all dishwashing tools.

  • Long handle, you can clean deep pots, decanters, and vases relatively easily. 
  • Rubber features are nonslip and perfect for apartments and small kitchens.
  • Keeps your hand away from the mess


Material: PP