Flowery Oven Mitts

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Whether you’re an occasional baker or experienced chef, your oven mitts are the sole protective layer between your sensitive fingers and a brutally hot pan—which means that mediocre quality really isn’t going to cut it.

Oven mitts fall under the category of kitchen products that are entirely unsexy but utterly essential. Sure, they don’t have the wow factor of a sleek stand mixer, but oven mitts perform an arguably more important function: Protecting your hands from burns. And our favorite mitts will protect your hands better than most!

  • Machine washable, easy to store, and easy to put on or remove.
  • Aren't too big or so small that your roommate couldn't comfortably wear them

Material: Linen
Gloves: About 23*13cm/9*5in, Mat: 16*16cm/6.3*6.3in