20-Inch Butterfly Quilling Illustration Material Pack

Color: Blue
Sale price$23.67


The 20-Inch Butterfly Quilling Illustration Material Pack slot is a kit specifically designed for creating butterfly quilling illustrations. Quilling is a paper craft technique that involves rolling, shaping, and arranging thin strips of paper to form decorative designs.

The material pack likely includes quilling paper in various colors, a quilling tool, and possibly other accessories such as a slotted tool and tweezers. The pack may also include a guide or pattern for creating a 20-inch butterfly illustration, which can be used as a reference to create a unique and beautiful piece of art.

This material pack is ideal for those who are interested in learning the quilling technique or for experienced quillers who want to create large and intricate butterfly designs. With this kit, quillers can bring their creativity to life and make beautiful and unique butterfly illustrations to display in their home or give as a gift.

Product Information:

Material: craft paper
Item No.: 20 inches
Craft: Purely handmade
Category: Animal
Production process: quilling paper
Hanging form: hanging ornaments
Production method: handmade

Packing list

Tool kit: white glue, glue applicator, scissors, awl, tweezers

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