Electric Smoke Less Indoor Grill

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As Seen On TV's Smokeless Grill is the smart, new way to grill and barbeque indoors without all the smoke of outdoor or traditional grilling methods. Quality, creativity, and innovation are the cornerstones of the Gotham Steel brand line, with the objective of providing consumers with cutting-edge products meant to refashion how kitchen activities are undertaken; from cutting to grilling. Prepare delicious dishes for yourself or for the entire family. Take Korean barbecue right in your kitchen with the Smokeless Grill. Cook juicy and tender steaks, sausages, chicken, shellfish, or other seafood and even vegetables. The convenient cooking or temperature dial ensures the food is just cooked right, and the ease of setting it up makes the Smokeless Grill the perfect partner for small parties with friends on a Saturday night!


  • Nonstick ceramic surface heats evenly to cook and brown food to perfection.
  • User-friendly and detachable temperature dial/heater with 4 heat/cooking settings - warm, low, medium, and high heat; Cool-touch handles and heat-proof frame for added safety; the Gotham Steel Grill pulls apart for easy cleanup and storage.
  • The removable grease catcher fits snugly and is ceramic-coated to greatly reduce smoke production caused by burning grease.
  • Regular Size: 12" x 10" cooking surface; 16.2 x 14.0" including handle and frame
  • Note from manufacturer: The product is dishwasher-safe (except electrical component - Temperature Dial). Please disregard the printing error on the user manual. Thank you.

Package Included:

  • 1x Electric Smoke Less Indoor Grill

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