2PCS Bird Hooks

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Get your kitchen towels off those grubby appliance handles! A hook is the most hygienic way to keep your kitchen towels handy, and can be installed in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. Plus, there are so good-looking ans will blend seamlessly into your decor, as if it’s always been there. Consider attaching a hook or three to the side of a cabinet, along your backsplash, or straight onto the wall in a handy spot near the sink.


  • Blend right into your decor!
  • Attractive but simple design
  • Offer storage for bathrobes and towels, coats and hats, or even cleaning supplies in a kitchen pantry
  • You can use them as a group or individually, and space them as close or far apart as you’d like
  • Great for places where you may want to add storage temporarily
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Quantity: 2 pieces