3-in-1 Waffle Maker EU Plug Sandwich Maker

Color: Black
Style: EU
Sale price$94.89


3-in-1 sandwich maker, we offer you 3 different detachable cooking plates for you to grill various delicious food.
Even cooking on both sides of the plates, smart control of the temperature, help you cook food that both looks and tastes good easily.
The automatic banding function of the appliance makes your cooking more convenient and easy.
Use it for heating, roasting, baking, fry eggs, etc.
Each plate has a non-stick coating, which makes your cooking and cleaning very easy.
Safety handle protects your hand from scalding, easy to open the sandwich maker.
Greenlight indicates heating, red light indicates heating finished.
Compact and lightweight, easy for you to operate and store.
Time-saving product, with its 750W power, you can cook your delicious and healthy meal within minutes.
Made of high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel, durable and strong.

[Material]: ABS plastic + stainless steel
[Size]: 22X22.5X10.5CM
[Single Net Weight]: 2.4KG
[Single gross weight]: 2.5KG
[Voltage]: 220-240V
[Power]: 750KG
[Specifications] :European regulations

Package Content
1*Sandwich Maker
1*EU Plug

3/6 baking trays

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