Jewelry Hanging Bag

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Sometimes it’s the little things in life, like an tidy silverware drawer or organized storage, that can make all the difference in managing stress and turning your home into a sanctuary. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand clutter or you’re just trying to be a little neater, these organization systems and items are sure to spark so much joy.

Keep your jewelry safely stored in this durable satin Jewelry Organizer bag. The Jewelry Organizer takes up little closet space as it hangs from the closet rod and will keep your jewelry right where you can find it. The Jewelry Organizer is made of durable black vinyl with see-through pockets for easy viewing. Each row zips open and closes for safe storing and protecting.

  • Use it to store all types and styles of jewelry and also sunglasses and small toiletries.
  • You'll never need to worry about which jewelry to pack - just roll or fold the hanging organizer and you'll have everything you need when you're on the road.
  • The soft pockets keep each piece of jewelry safely separated to prevent tangles and scratches.
  • Two-sided organizer hangs on a rod or hook to maximize space and swivels.
  • It contains 30 pockets on one side and 14 hook-and-loop tabs on the other side.
  • Made of high-quality polyester with clear vinyl plastic pockets.
  • 32" height by 18" width and extremely thin profile makes it fit anywhere.