Non-Adhesive Frosted™ - Decorative Window Film

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Brighten up your home with our Frosted Privacy Window Film. The Frosted Privacy Window Film gives you top privacy protection as well as softened sunlight. This window film, a perfect alternative to heavy troublesome curtains and blinds, can also let the sunshine in while keeping the outside world out, no more nosy neighbors but a cool beautiful environment. Not only does it block out 97% of harmful UV rays which may hurt your skin but protect your furniture from aging. The frosted window film's classic design will add style to your bathroom, living room, kitchen or anywhere you want to a little extra privacy without blocking light. PLUS, Super easy to install and remove. Add function and accents to your glass furniture with this Frosted Privacy Window Film.
  • Excellent privacy protection: no more peeps, it blurs the view and provides peaceful and relaxing space for your kids, pets, and family while allowing comfortable natural light in
  • Glare control and UV rejection: say no to 97% of harmful UV rays that may hurt your skin and protect your furniture from aging
  • Static cling and no more glue hassle: with a non-adhesive and static cling design, this window film can be removed easily without any traces left on the glass
  • Easy installation: it takes a few minutes to apply and leaves absolutely no mess, it is even easily removable for multiple uses
  • Workable for Multi-Scenarios: suitable for smooth and clean glass surfaces in various rooms, like the bedroom, living room, kitchen, kids' room, office, etc.
  • Classic design: frosted glass goes well with any room decor without distracting or clashing, thus it is perfect for adding a decorative as well as functional cover to your windows

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