Door Knob Wall Protector


All too often, door knobs crash into walls causing loud noises and creating damage. Sometimes the damage is small, but builds up over time. Sometimes It is catastrophic, immediately punching a huge hole through the wall. This can be incredibly expensive to fix, and could even make it harder to sell your home. If the door is made of glass, it could even immediately shatter from the impact.

These door knob bumpers solve the problem instantly. They are clear, soft pieces of plastic that you can place on the wall where the doorknob would normally come into contact with it. They are small, completely unobtrusive, and almost invisible when placed on the wall

  • Protect your wall from being damaged by your door knob crashing into the wall when you open the door.
  • Door close much more softly against the wall, reducing noise and preventing glass doors from shattering.
  • You can install them immediately with no tools required.
  • Can also be used inside cabinet and cupboard doors, to protect floors from furniture, or to insulate the bottom of loudspeakers and other equipment, or even under plant pots or cutting boards to prevent scratching surfaces.

Material: Resin