4 Piece™ - Bath Accessory Set

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Continue the delicate workmanship and elegant charms of advanced technology, ideal fittings and luxurious enjoyment. Beautiful color Impression. and creative shape conceiving brings a more interesting style to us, pull your feelings and create a colorful style, either a stylish life or a warm life. Design is the soul of sanitary wares, while fine quality and wonderful workmanship are essential elements. Sanitary wares are perfect only when they are of design, quality and workmanship.


  • Original design of sanitary wares comes from life
  • A bathroom arranged well with sanitary wares will please our eyes and satisfy all of us
  • Directly supply from manufacturer, it is made of natural concrete with sandstone
  • Nano sealant surface make it waterproof, scratch resistance, easy to clean, low water absorption, it has wide temperature range and stable performance
  • Suitable for high-end private house and projects
  • Color: gray

Package Included:

  • 1x 4-Piece Bath Accessory Set

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