Acrylic Tooth Shape Wall Clock

Style: Golden
Sale price$16.01


Product Category: Wall clock
Whether double-sided: single-sided
Style: Modern Chinese
Appearance: Rectangular
Applicable places: bedroom, living room
Display type: pointer + number
Display type : Mirror
Special features: mirror, decoration
Waterproof: can
Waterproof performance: 10m
Power type: battery
Movement type: Electric wave movement
Size: 12 inches
Thickness: 6mm
Shell material: resin
Mirror material: plastic mirror
Dial material: PVC
Packing specification: 26.5*25

Color: black, gold, silver

product information
          ♦ Movement type: quartz scanning silent movement
          ♦ Color: Silver Gold
          ♦ Power: 1AAA battery (not included)
          ♦ Quantity: 1 set
          ♦ Material: Acrylic Self-adhesive
1 Environmentally friendly, waterproof and corrosion resistant.
2 Decorative mirrors for perfect decoration.
3 Expand the sense of space and beautify the decoration.
4 Acrylic mirror, self-adhesive.
1. When the pro has just received, there will be a protective film on the surface, which is like a mist. After peeling off the protective film, it is a bright mirror.
2. The mirror surface is not made of glass material, so after you peel off the protective film, you just need to quietly appreciate it. Don't wipe it, touch it. Baby is a decorative mirror, she needs your care.
3. After the paste is applied, when the front protective film is exposed, if it is not peeled off with a nail, it can be easily torn by means of a blade, a needle or the likeundefined

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