Automatic Ice Scraper Heating Snow Shovel

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An automatic ice scraper heating snow shovel is a tool designed to make removing snow and ice from a vehicle's windshield and other surfaces easier and more efficient. It typically includes a heated blade or scraper that helps to melt and remove snow and ice without the need for manual scraping. The device is often powered by a rechargeable battery or by plugging it into a vehicle's cigarette lighter. The ergonomic design of the snow shovel makes it easy to handle and use, while the heating feature helps to reduce the effort required to clear snow and ice from surfaces. Overall, an automatic ice scraper heating snow shovel is a practical and effective tool for winter weather conditions.

Product information:

Product Name: Heated snow shovel
Specification: Hand-held
Material: stainless steel plastic
Size: 26.5 * 9 * 4 cm
Weight: 228 g
Packing: Color box

Packing list:

Heat the snow shovel*1

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