Automatic Pet Feeder Dispenser Bowl

Style: Dark green
Version: App version
Electrical outlet: US
Sale price$127.71


1. Remote APP Control: The WiFi automatic cat feeder can connect to a 2.4GHz network. Program and monitor your pet's meals anywhere anytime through the “Smart Life” App on your iOS or Android smartphone.
2. Easy to Clean ( Detachable ): The cat dry food dispenser (BPA-Free) has a removable food tank and stainless steel bowl.
3. Slow Feeder & Portion Control: When your cat or dog is bloated, you can manually feed through the " Feed " button in the APP, helping greedy pets eat at a healthier rate.
4. Large Capacity Food Storage: The 6L cat food storage with desiccant bags automatically and continuously provides your cat and dog with fresh food for several weeks.

Product information:

Product size: 32*21*19cm
Color box size: 20.5*22.5*34cm
Weight (single including package):1.8kg
Capacity: 6 l
Material: ABS.
The price is more than 50$, not responsible for any after-sales, mind not to shoot

A. Key version
Without WIFI, the machine can complete the setting by pressing the key
Cardiac timing and quantitative feeding
Heartbeat recording
Heart battery/plug-in dual use
B. WIFI: App version
Mobile APP settings, simple and fast
Recording, shouting, and feeding regularly and quantitatively
Mobile phone control, add meals at any time
Battery/plug-in dual use
C. Video version
Mobile phone remote operation, real-time video viewing of pets
Area voice feeding, regular and quantitative feeding
Mobile phone control, real-time meal addition
Video camera, night vision camera
Battery/plug-in dual use

Packing list:

Plastic feeder*1

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