Black Decorative™ - 2-Tier Tray with Rooster Top

Sale price$55.97


Perfect for country decor, this two-tier tray features a decorative rooster on top. Fill each tray with decorative figurines, colorful dried botanicals, or rolled towels and washcloths. In the kitchen, use it to hold spices for a decorative touch and place it near where you mix ingredients for easy access.
  • Use in the bathroom to display rolled towels and washcloths
  • Place in the center of a table full of seasonal dried botanicals or another decor
  • Use in the kitchen for holding spices
  • 15 in. L x 15 in. W x 18.5 in. H
  • Bottom tray: 14.25 in. round
  • Top tray: 11.5 in. round
  • 7 in. between tray bases

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