Black Wood™ - Three Tier Decorative Tray

Sale price$84.31


Visualize this black three-tier tray in any room of your home. Place it in the kitchen and roll up colorful dish towels on it. Put it in the living room just as is or with small items scattered throughout. It can be a useful piece in the entranceway or bedroom for a perfect place to keep your keys, change, and wallet or to set your jewelry, lipstick, or perfume on.
  • Use paper cupcake holders for serving desserts or hors d' oeuvres on these trays
  • Display rolled-up towels and washcloths on the various layers
  • Overall dimensions: 19.5 in. L x 15.75 in. W x 25.25 in. H
  • The small tray is 11.75 in. L x 8 in. W
  • The medium tray is 15.75 in. L x 11.75 in. W
  • The large tray is 20 in. L x 15.75 in. W

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