Bohemian Moroccan Fringe Pillowcase

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The Bohemian Moroccan Fringe Pillowcase is a decorative pillow cover that features a unique and stylish design inspired by traditional Moroccan textiles. It is made of high-quality cotton or linen fabric and features intricate embroidery and fringe details.

The pillowcase typically comes in bold and bright colors, with patterns and designs that include geometric shapes, paisleys, and floral motifs. The embroidery is often done in vibrant thread colors, including reds, blues, greens, and golds, and may also include metallic accents.

The fringe is an eye-catching feature of the pillowcase, and it is typically located around the edges of the cover. The fringe adds texture and movement to the design, creating a fun and playful accent that can liven up any room.

The Bohemian Moroccan Fringe Pillowcase can be used as a decorative accent on a sofa, bed, or armchair. It is available in various sizes to fit different cushion or pillow types and can be easily removed and cleaned when needed.

Overall, the Bohemian Moroccan Fringe Pillowcase is a beautiful and unique decorative item that can add a touch of bohemian style and global flair to any room in your home.

Product information:

Style: Nordic
Pattern: Embroidered
Style: Plain
Technics: Woven
Use: Seat
Color: White Black
Material: Linen / Cotton

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