Pet Cushion Bed

Size: 1Style Fit 15kg
Sale price$74.33


A pet bed designed for cats and dogs that provides a warm and comfortable place for them to rest during the winter season. The kennel may have an enclosed design to provide added warmth and security, and it may come with a soft cushion or bedding material to keep your pet cozy. This type of pet bed can be especially useful for pets who spend a lot of time outdoors or for older pets who may need extra warmth and comfort. It's important to choose a kennel and cushion bed that is appropriately sized for your pet and made from materials that are warm, durable, and easy to clean.

Product information:

Product name: Alpaca Yurt
Material: white lion velvet, drip plastic Oxford cloth
Product Name: Alpaca cushion large
Material: white lion velvet, sheep wool, nose patch cloth
Product name: Alpaca square Nest large
Material: Lion velvet, Oxford cloth, PP cotton

Packing list:

Cat's nest*1

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