Ceramic Teapot With Wooden Handle

Style: Bamboo weaving
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-Ceramics is one of the great inventions of the ancient working people in China.
-Ceramics is the general name of pottery and porcelain. The emergence and development of ceramics are an important part of China's splendid ancient culture. The production process of ordinary ceramics is roughly the same, the main processes are slurry preparation, molding, drying, glazing and firing.
-After pure handmade, the green body fired at high temperature should be put in the kiln to let it cool gradually. When it reaches 80 ℃, it starts to come out of the kiln, and what it takes out is beautiful and solid ceramics.
Simple and natural - natural material clay, high-temperature firing process, clay directly into the cave, finished health, environmental protection, safety
Pure handmade - every ceramic is handmade by a ceramic craftsman. The workmanship is complex and exquisite
High-quality material - made of high-quality soil, the ceramic surface is smooth, with no defects.

Whether to support customization: Yes
Item No.: 1
Custom processing: Yes
Is there a patent: No
Whether with a tea tray: Yes
Material: Porcelain

Package Content:
1 x Teapot

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