Scoop Colanders

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How many times have you looked at a pot of cooked potatoes or other vegetables and wished there was an easy way to scoop out the food without lifting the big pot filled with hot water? This scoop colander makes that job simple, with a comfortable handle and a head that’s the right size and shape for scooping into pots to remove the food. Made from stainless steel, it’s heat safe, even for removing fried foods from hot oil.

  • When you’re making soup stock, you can use this to remove and dispose of the large bones and bits, then strain the liquid through a fine strainer to remove the small bits and sediment.
  • When cooking is done, this can be used for plating or serving vegetables, rice, beans and more.
  • And when dinner is done, this is dishwasher safe.
  • A hole in the handle makes this easy to hang for storage if you prefer.

Metal Type: PP plastic
Size(L x W x H): 34.5x12.7x5.7cm/13.58x5x2.24''