Dryad Vase Tree Trunk Creative Decoration

Color: Brown
Sale price$15.05


The Dryad Vase Tree Trunk Creative Decoration is a unique and creative piece of home decor. It is a vase shaped like a tree trunk and resembles the mythical Dryad spirit from Greek mythology, who was said to reside in trees. The vase is likely made of a durable material such as ceramic or resin and has a hollow center that can be filled with water to hold fresh flowers. The tree trunk design adds a natural and rustic touch to any room, making it a great addition to a nature-themed or bohemian-style decor. Whether it's used as a standalone piece or paired with other decorative items, the Dryad Vase Tree Trunk Creative Decoration is sure to make a statement in any home.

Product information:
Material: Synthetic resin
Item No.: Dryad
Process: Resin process
Category: Resin Crafts
Hanging form: ornaments
Modeling: Plant
Packaging: carton packaging
Color: Dryad white, reddish brown dryad

Packing list:
Resin crafts*1

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