Dura-Chef Interlock Kitchen Mat

Color/Finish: Black
Shape, W x L: Rectangle, 36" x 36"
Sale price$60.80



Rubber-Cal's "Dura-Chef Interlock" Anti-Fatigue Matting is a rubber floor mat that is available in a 5/8-inch x 3ft x 3ft size. This cushioned floor mat is made from a natural and reclaimed rubber that provides ample padding and support. The tiles join together to create a surface that is safe, non-slip, anti-fatigue, and can fit any size room! These drainage mats are capable of allowing liquids and debris to fall through holes in the subsurface, leaving a cleaner walkway above. The rubber construction of these anti-skid mats provides great traction, even when the surface is moist! While ensuring safe footing, this cushioned floor also provides anti-fatigue qualities. The natural and reclaimed rubber material of the rubber floor mat is 5/8-inch thick, offering great support for employees who are on their feet. These anti-fatigue workshop mats can increase productivity by reducing fatigue and weariness. This modular version of the "Dura-Chef" mat is an interlocking mat that is easily installed by anyone. The individual tiles join together to fit the size of any room! This product is great for use as workshop mats, bathrooms, or as mats for the kitchen. It provides a simple and safe solution to making your flooring non-slip while preventing slips and falls. The affordable price and the great features of this rubber floor mat make for an excellent product that can fit into any application. Choose "Dura-Chef" to give you a safe and easy flooring option today!


  • Holes in this drainage mat allow liquids and debris to pass through, providing a clearer surface
  • Interlocking anti-fatigue mats are individually moveable and easy to clean; each tile weighs only 18 lbs.
  • Non-slip flooring with interlocking tiles to cover large spaces; great for workshop flooring or mats for kitchen floors
  • Natural and reclaimed rubber standing mat for anti-fatigue comfort for employees who stand for long periods of time such as cashiers and assembly workers
  • Excellent traction with these non-skid mats, ensuring a safe footing to maximize productivity while reducing the risk of injury

Package Included:

  • 1x Dura-Chef Interlock Kitchen Mat

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