Durable RGB Butterfly-Shaped Solar Outdoor Light - Waterproof

Style: Black rod
Sale price$45.92


This outdoor lighting solution features a unique butterfly shape and is powered by solar energy. It is equipped with RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lighting that provides vibrant and dynamic color options. The light is also designed to be waterproof, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. This durable solar light is a stylish and eco-friendly way to illuminate your outdoor spaces.

Product information:

PColor: Multicolor

Material: material + fabric + plastic
Size: total height 50cm, flower ball diameter 12.5cm
Number of butterflies: 9 per flower ball, 18 in total
Solar panel: 2V80mA
Lighting time: 8-10 hours
Light source type: LED LIGHT
light source
Power: 0.05W Rated power: 0.55 (W)
Voltage: 1.5 (V)
Protection level: IP65
Battery capacity: 400 mA

Packing list:

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