Eco-friendly Cutting Board

Is a cutting board really that important, you might ask? Yes, yes, and more yes. Just hear me out: you have that flashy chef’s knife. You're ready to whip up a meal in your favorite cast iron pan. How do you get started? You prep your ingredients. Yup, in comes the cutting board, and you'll want it to be a good one as you practice your chop, slice, and dice. Our cutting board lasts a long time, keep your knife intact, and does not slide dangerously around the counter. 
  • Textured surface to grip food nicely
  • Adhered well to the countertop
  • Stood up to beets without staining.
  • Big enough to use for tasks like breaking down large roasts or chickens
  • Easy to clean

Material: Plastic
Size: 38.2*21.5 cm