Embroidered Jacquard Cushion Cover

Style: Beige
Size: 50x50CM
Sale price$11.34


The embroidered jacquard cushion cover is a type of decorative cover designed to be placed over a cushion or pillow. It features an intricate design that is created using a jacquard weaving technique, which produces a raised and textured pattern on the fabric.

The cushion cover is made of high-quality materials, including soft and durable cotton or polyester fabric. The embroidered design is created using a variety of threads, including silk, cotton, or metallic threads, which add a shimmering and luxurious quality to the design.

The embroidery can feature a wide range of designs, from traditional floral or geometric patterns to more modern and abstract designs. The color palette used in the embroidery can also vary widely, ranging from vibrant and bold hues to soft and muted tones.

The cushion cover is designed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. It can be used as a decorative accent on a bed, sofa, or armchair and can be easily switched out to create a new look or add a pop of color to the room.

The cushion cover is available in various sizes to fit different cushion or pillow types and can be easily removed and cleaned when needed. Overall, the embroidered jacquard cushion cover is a beautiful and functional decorative item that can add texture, color, and personality to any space in your home.

Product information
Product Name: National Color Tianxiang Pillow
Product style: European style
Applicable season: Four seasons
Product material: blended jacquard fabric on the front, short plush fabric on the back
Product specifications: 50*50CM and 60*60CM
Product grade: premium product

1. Fabric products are cut by hand, there will be an error of plus or minus 3%, which is a normal phenomenon.
2. Dark fabric products will have a little floating color during the first washing, which is a normal phenomenon. This situation will disappear after one or two washings. Please rest assured to use.
3. There is no 100% perfect fabric product, please ignore the thread or some subtle flaws. If you are looking for flawless beauty, please detour. beg to be excused!

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