Furniture Wallpaper


If you live in a rental, or perhaps just don’t have the budget or time to engage in a full-on remodel, you can still transform the look of your kitchen with the help of furniture wallpaper!

  • Self Adhesive & Removable
  • Great for covering any size kitchen cabinet,dresser drawer,craft projects,nightstand,bookcase,shelf,door and even wall etc.
  • Freshen Your Space: This shelf liner gives any objects a much more appealing look and is ideal for people who doesn't want to invest a lot of money but upgrade the old furniture in a easy and fast way.
  • Easy-to-clean, long-lasting
  • Waterproof ,Moisture-Proof,Mould-Proof,Soundproof,Sound-Absorbing,Anti-static.

Material: PVC
Size: 3m x 0.4m, 3m x 0.6m, 5m x 0.6m, 10m x 0.6m