Gazing Ball™ - Solar Cracked Glass Garden Globe

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Goodeco Gazing Ball on Roman Column for Garden Decor. Solar Cracked Glass Garden Globe Sphere Lights with Roman Pillar Stand. Outdoor Yard Patio and Home Decor.
  • Ancient Greek style: create a cool Greek/roman/gladiator corner in your garden
  • Solar: these crackle ball pillars also have built-in solar capabilities which will charge during the day (best in direct sunlight) and illuminate at night
  • Weatherproof: designed to withstand any type of weather, these Greek style columns will last you a while to come
  • Martial: manufactured from resin and finished with a stunning stone effect to give it that real gladiator feel
  • Dimensions: 10.5 in. H x 5.12 in. W solar powered charging time: 8-hours light time: 8-hours to 10-hours

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