Hand Push Sweeper

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Cleaning the hardwood floor using manual broom seems like an easy task, but not really. Many people struggle with bad broom that does not sweep the floor perfectly and still leaves dirt lines on the floor, and not to mention loose broom strands. Hand Push Sweeper removes all the impractical aspects of a traditional broom and replaces them with state of the art technology for such simple household tool.
  • Quick cleaning action that picks up all the dirt, dust and small particles on both carpet and hardwood floor.
  • Ability to lift small crumbs and pet hair, making it perfect for a house and residential buildings.
  • Very ergonomic and lightweight model to help with easier cleaning tasks.
  • Low profile brush head so you can sweep on difficult areas such as under the table or furniture.
  • Perfect for pet owners because it can also pick up cat litters and dirt particles brought inside by a dog.

Material: Stainless Steel
Overall Length: 104cm