Handheld Garment Steamer Brush

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Unwrinkled clothes simply improve your look, whether you’re trying to attract someone or score a job, but getting perfectly pressed clothes takes time and effort. 

Pressing clothes using this steamer brush is a less complicated process than ironing that achieves equally wrinkle-free results. It is the go-to choice in various professional industries such as fashion and broadcast where items may need to be packed up and moved often.

  • Faster method to removing wrinkles from clothing.
  • They are easy to use with a quick set up (no ironing board required)
  • light-weight making them easy to maneuver.
  • De-wrinkle garments right on the hanger.
  • It won’t take up much room in a suitcase
  • Heats up fast
Power (W): 1000W

Voltage (V): 220V
Water Tank Capacity (l): <0.8L
Steam Duration (Min): 30min
Supports Anti Dry Burning: Yes