Electric Warmer Fan

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During the winter, that perfect view out the window from your desk can become an annoying source of cold air, perpetually bleeding into your room 24 hours a day. Space heaters change all that. Simply put, they give you control of your climate.

Fan-forced heaters push air from the blades over a wire heating element, ideal for smaller rooms and instances when you want soft, cozy heat!

  • Fully circulates the warmth throughout the room without making anyone feel like they’re in a heated wind tunnel. 
  • Comes with an automatic safety shut-off system if excessive heat is detected.
  • Small enough to work as an on-the-desk heater 

Power: <800W
Function: Adjustable Thermostat
Area Heated: <20㎡
Heating Element: Heating Wire
Voltage (V): 230V