High Elasticity Sofa Cover

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When it comes to your living room’s décor, the main thing that ties it all together is your sofa. Sofas singlehandedly have the ability to elevate the aesthetic appeal of even the dullest living rooms. They are also constantly used, which results in wear and tear over time. Therefore, having a good sofa cover is an absolute must!

  • Increase the longevity of your sofa or couch
  • Help to retain its aesthetic appeal over time. This is especially true if you have pets and kids in your household.
  • Protect your sofa from stains and shedding fur caused by pets such as dogs and cats. 
  • Protect your sofa from dirt, food particles, and spill-prone kids as well.
  • Easy to clean

Size: 90-140cm; 145-185cm; 190-230cm; 235-300cm
Material: 100% Polyester