Household Sink Hanging Fruit And Vegetable Filter Water Drain Basket

Color: Mix color
quantity: 4PCS Set
Sale price$26.31


1. Great for soap, toothbrush, sponge, fruit, etc.
2. The overall hollow design, ventilation, and drainage, are not easy to breed bacteria.
3. It can be hung on the sink faucet, which is convenient for washing dishes, cleaning balls, soap, etc.
4. Multi-tank drainage, the suction cup is stable, and the drainage is convenient.
5. Food-grade pp material, safe and odorless, safe to use, thickened design, sturdy and durable.
6. Hollow design, fast drainage, clean and hygienic.

Product Information:

Product name: Swan drain basket
Color: Yellow, orange, blue, green
Material: Brand new plastic

Packing List :

Draining Basket*1

Product Picture:

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