Intelligent Automatic Induction Alcohol Sprayer

Color: Blue
Sale price$31.32


1.Contact-free, induction atomization, sterilization
2.Infrared induction, automatic spray when you reach out, no need to touch
3.It can also sterilize items, hold items within 12 meters above the sensor
4.Atomized form sterilization, evenly covering the whole hand, deep cleaning to the finger joints
5. Energy saving and environmental protection, USB cycle charging

1.It is recommended to use 75% alcohol
2.When alcohol is sprayed, smoking or ignition is prohibited to prevent fire
3.Infrared rays in sunlight may affect infrared induction, please do not use it in strong light


Sensing distance:less than12cm
Color:White, Black
Item No.: Automatic induction spray disinfection and washing of mobile phones
Additional function: Sterilization
Disinfection cabinet capacity: 45ml
Applicable groups: general

Package Content

1 x Sprayer
1*Charging Cable

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