Japanese Stoneware Large Capacity Mug

Style: Black ceramic
Sale price$25.10


Large-capacity double-layer insulation pot, 24h long-term insulation, one pot of drinking water for one family
1000ML meets your drinking water needs, no need to pour water frequently, drink one pot for one day
Double-layer insulation layer, can keep warm for 24 hours, double-layer long-lasting insulation layer
Double-layer seal to lock the heat, the outer layer is sealed with PP, and the inner layer is thickened with electroplated glass. The double-layer process heat preservation time is up to 24h
Stay at home and keep a cup of friendship uninterrupted, chat and drink tea with three or five friends to avoid the embarrassment of frequent pouring of water
Good health, fresh and pure water in the pot, take the "little things" of drinking water seriously


Material: Ceramic
Product Category: Mug
Style: modern and simple
Function: Environmental protection
Structure: Single layer
Applicable place: office
Applicable object: general
pattern: plain
Shape: round
Applicable people: general
Gift purposes: points for redemption gifts, business gifts, business gifts, advertising gifts, promotional gifts, conference gifts, advertising promotions, festive gifts, festive gifts, commemorations, conference gifts, public relations gifts
Packing boxes
Set: three-piece set
Size (height, caliber): caliber 8CM
Cup accessories: with lid, handle, filter
Color: frosted white, frosted black, smooth red, smooth blue, smooth malachite, ceramic mug-white wooden handle, ceramic mug-jade blue wooden handle, ceramic mug-jade blue ceramic handle , Tao Mu Cup-Black Ceramic Handle, Tao Mu Cup-White Ceramic Handle, Tao Mu Cup-Black Wooden Handle, Ceramic Handle Black Style, Ceramic Handle Ji Blue Style
Capacity: 401-500ml
Product quality level: first-class
Is it a gift: Yes, a business gift

Water Bottle*1

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