Over Sink Dish Rack


One of the house chores that my roommate and I dreaded the most was "doing the dishes", and I am pretty sure many of you would agree with me. The reason why it was the most tedious and troublesome work to do was that doing the dishes did not just simply mean washing the dishes. It meant having to wash the dishes, the cutleries, the cooking utensils, the glasses and cups and having to wipe out each one of them so that they were perfectly dry before putting them back into their designated places in the cupboard. 

You are on the right track if you are planning to have a dish rack in your kitchen because seriously, who doesn’t need one? If simplicity and functionality are what you are looking for in your dish rack, then this would be a dish rack that you should not miss out on. This one does not have any excessive frills and comes in a neat, sleek design with a chrome finishing. Due to its simple and compact design, it can be easily fit inside the sink.


  • The slots for the holding the plates are spacious enough to make room for thick plates or plates with a little bit of depth.
  • Can fit in more than 8 plates at a time in these slots.
  • Simple and compact design allows it to stand outside the sink as well as to be fitted inside the sink