LED USB 3D Star Galaxy Moon Lamp Stand

Size: 8cm
Style: 7color
Sale price$26.40


The material of the moon lamp is PVC, which has high hardness and good light transmittance!
It is stronger and more durable than PLA material, without layer pattern! 
Touch: Touch the bottom charging port to open, close, and change color.
Touch + pat: In addition to the touch function, you can also pat the sphere to open, close, change color, and other functions.
Remote control + touch + shooting: In addition to the functions of touch and shooting, the remote control can be used to turn on, off, change color, adjust brightness, and other functions.

Product information:
Voltage: ≤36V (V)
Shade material: PVC
Dimensions: 150x150x150 (mm) (mm)
Switch type: touch
Style: modern and simple
Light color: 10cm to send a wooden frame, 15cm to send a wooden frame
Power supply mode: USB power supply
The main scope of application: leisure and entertainment places, hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, exhibition halls, home places
Light source type: led light

Packing list:
1* moonlight
1*Data cable
3*Wooden frame

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