Levitating Flower Pot Bonsai

Style: Black
Electrical outlet: AU
Sale price$110.75


A levitating flower pot bonsai is a decorative plant display that features a pot that appears to float in mid-air using magnetic levitation. It uses a magnetic base to suspend the pot above it, creating a visually stunning and unique display. The bonsai plant is typically small and low maintenance, making it a great addition to any desk or tabletop. The levitating feature of the pot adds an element of intrigue and fascination to the overall design, making it a popular conversation starter and decorative item.

This is a magic levitating flower planter
This modern and creative decor will allow you to cultivate your favorite plants while bringing a chic, modern touch to your home or office.

Name: Hexagonal Wood Grain Potted Plant
Hexagonal wood grain potted plant (set color of base flowerpot-like)
Bearing weight: 200G micro plants
Suspension distance: 15 mm
Base size: diameter 14 height 3CM
Flowerpot size: diameter 8CM height 6.5CM
Power supply 15V 1A

Package Content :

Base*1 Flowerpot*1 Cable*1

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