Rose Gold Steel Cutlery Holder

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For a glamorous gathering spot for your utensils to rest, this lovely holder from the Lyon Collection offers a luxurious home to store it all. No more fumbling through cluttered trays or rummaging through overstuffed cupboards, this free-standing piece positions all your essentials upright for easy access.

A wired-mesh bottom, make it great to toss in damp silverware for drying after dishwashing, while the wide mouth provides ample room for a huge stack of cooking tools. Aside from its many applications in the kitchen, the versatile holder does a stand-up job as a desktop organizer keeping your pen, pencils, and other office supplies close at hand.


  • Keeps frequently used cooking gadgets and dining utensils close at hand: stash them with silverware and flatware to have all your dining essentials ready for every meal. Great for larger-sized tools, set it by the stovetop to keep cooking utensils ready for the next recipe.
  • Positions utensils and tools are upright for easy access: the holder keeps cooking tools in a stand-up position to easily grab them for cooking and stashes silverware upright to have them right at your fingertips for meal time.
  • OPEN FRAME WITH HOLES ALONG THE BOTTOM FOR QUICK DRAINING: The exposed holder allows water and soap suds to freely pass for quick draining to prevent mold build-up.
  • DESIGNED TO LOVE AND LAST: Made of sturdy metal with an elegant, rose gold finish, this cutlery holder keeps your utensils close at hand
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Spot clean for easy maintenance
  • COMPLETE THE LOOK: Pair this piece with our line of kitchen gadgets, cooking utensils, and cutting boards to speed up the cooking prep process

Package Included:

  • 1x Rose Gold Steel Cutlery Holder

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