Microfiber Mop Pads Bucket Set

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Need to get your house clean but don't want to buy everything you need separately and spend a fortune? This HOMCOM home cleaning kit is ready to get to work. This cleaning set offers 2 scrapers for cleaning gunk and stickers off floors and walls, and 2 flat mops to keep your floors dust-free and dry. Have high windows. This kit offers a window cleaning set equipped with a 3-section pole that extends up to 4.1 ft., a squeegee, and a scrubber so you can get the clean you need without a ladder. A spray bottle is included to put water or cleaning solution in. This cleaning set also comes with a 23 qt. portable bucket so you can easily transport it to any room of your home.


  • Includes a bucket, 2 scrapers, 2 flat mops, a scrubber, a squeegee, a multi-functional handle, 2 cleaning cloths, a spray bottle, and a 3-section pole
  • Microfiber pads, scrubber, and cleaning cloths pick up and locks in dirt and can be easily washed and used repeatedly
  • 23 qt. bucket is equipped with 4 wheels for hassle-free transportation
  • Easy insert and fold mechanism to take mop pads on and off

Package Included:

  • 1x Microfiber Mop Pads Bucket Set

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