Neck Massage Bed Pillow 3D TYPE Honeycomb

Style: Adult pillows and pillowcases
Quantity: 1PC
Sale price$82.43


The pillows can be washed in water or in the washing machine. They are as new after washing. They are very durable and can be used for several years. Very cost-effective!
The zero-pressure sleeping pillow is super easy to use, and it has been sold like crazy in China. It is much better than traditional latex pillows and foam pillows. It is suitable for different people, especially friends suffering from cervical spondylosis. You really deserve it. 

Pillow shape: rectangular
Bedding breakdown: pillow
Pillow height: 5.1-10cm
Pillow fabric: Lyocell fiber
Applicable number: single
Pillow weight: 4.1-5 kg
Applicable object: Adult
Color classification: white, purple
Filler: latex, elastomer material
Image: ahead

Adult size: L*H 55X35cm, height 8-10cm

Style A: Single Pillow Triangle

Style B: Adult triangle style plus pillowcase 

Style C: Adult triangle style plus pillowcase and box

Package Content
Latex pillow*1

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