Pet Cat Strip Spoon Feeder

Color Variant: Green
Sale price$9.29


1. The pet cat strip feeding spoon is made of excellent product raw materials, with a delicate and mellow hand feeling and a thick feeling
2. The capacity of the cat strip spoon is reasonably designed, which can squeeze the cat strip into the spoon at one time, which is convenient for pets to eat.
3. Press the button with your thumb and push it forward slowly, the food in the cat strip is squeezed cleanly, convenient and labor-saving, without causing waste
4. When your pet can't finish the canned food at one time, you can use the silicone top to keep the canned food sealed and prevent a peculiar smell
5. The spoon can help you easily fish out the food in the pet can, and easily scoop out every bite of food.

Product Information:

Material: Plastic
Set of automatic feeding: no
Size: 20 x4x1. 8 cm
Packing size: 205x45x25mm

Packing List:

Plastic spoon*1

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