Pet Dog Luminous Leash Chain

Color: Black
Sale price$8.54


A Pet Dog Luminous Leash Chain is a leash designed for dogs that illuminates in the dark. It is made of a chain material and equipped with luminous technology, making it easy to see your dog at night. This type of leash is particularly useful for dog owners who frequently walk their pets in low-light conditions, as it can help to ensure both the dog's safety and the owner's visibility of the animal. The luminous feature is typically powered by batteries or by exposure to light during the day, making it a convenient and practical option for nighttime walks.


Product Information:

Material: Nylon
Product category: traction belt
Color: blue, black, red, orange, pink
Specifications (length * width): length 1.5m-width 0.8cm
Single rope weight: about 84g

Packing List:

Nylon dog leash*1

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