Rotating Compartments Dry Food Dispenser

Style: Blue yellow
Sale price$60.93



100% new design and high quality
1. It is made of PC + PP food material, the main body of the storage box is made of PP material, and the transparent part of the top cover is made of safe and environmentally friendly PC material.
2. 360° rotation: The wall-mounted round storage box can be rotated 360°, you only need to turn it around to take out the grain conveniently and quickly.
3. The wide mouth on the top makes it easy to get the grain, and you can take an appropriate amount of food and press the release button.
4. Seal the lid to prevent dust and moisture. The lid can be removed to facilitate access to grains. The bottom of the funnel is designed, and the meter is smooth.
5. Grain storage dispenser, with 5 compartments.

Color: blue-yellow, white-grey
material: plastic

Package Content:
Storage tank X1

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