Solar Power Dummy Fake Imitation Home CCTV Camera

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Highly realistic dummy camera deters criminal behavior around your house, shops, warehouse and etc.
Solar-powered panel to recharge batteries, no need to replace the batteries.
With an adjustable bracket, easy and quick to install with mount bracket and screws.
Blinking LED and realistic wiring make it appear to work as a real security camera both in day and night.
Effectively frightens and deters thieves or lawless elements.
Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

The dummy camera is made to deter theft and vandalism without the high cost of a real security camera.
With the dummy camera, any potential intruder will think twice, even the most sophisticated criminals will think the premise is guarded by a high-tech security CCTV system and do not dare to go further.
It looks like the real monitor and camera, make your home safe.
Powered by solar panel or  two 2 x AAA batteries (battery is not included)

Power supply:2 x AAA batteries  
Color: black, silver
Package size:145*90*245mm

Color: Black