Sterilizer Rechargeable Tooth Holder

Color: Black
Sale price$44.30


1. Digital screen sterilization counting down display
2. Pouch-free installation, strong 3M adhesive, applicable on different materials
3. Detachable, easy to clean
4. Multi-level hover cover, auto-off once the cover is complete opened, stop UV light from hurting people
5. Power indicator: Twinkling red-Low power, Red-Charging, Green-Fully charged

Material: ABS
Rated power: 2W
Input parameters: 5V 1A
Battery size: 3600mAh
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Usage time: about 35 days (in automatic disinfection mode)
Product size: 217*70*43.5mm
Net weight/gross weight: 307g/452g
Packing size: 240*70*95mm

Package Content :

Plastic toothbrush case*1

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