Dummy Surveillance Home Security CCTV Camera

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Highly realistic dummy camera deters criminal behavior around your house, shops, and warehouse, etc cheap and effective way for indoor or outdoor use
Blinking LED and realistic wiring make it appear to work as a real security camera both in day and night    
Powered by  two 3xAAA batteries (Battery is not included)


* Material: ABS (styrene)
* Illuminated: with a red LED light, flashes when the battery is installed, flashes every 5 seconds
* Power: 3 * AAA battery, that is, 3 7th battery power supply (without a battery in the package)
* Individual net weight: 110 grams
* Camera base diameter: 95 mm
* Monitor height: 85 mm
* Spherical material: transparent polystyrene plastic
* Ball camera installation rotation: 360 degrees
* Camera angle: 45 degrees
* Camera lens diameter: 11 mm
* Accessories: metal fixing parts/expansion screws
* Packing: carton packaging
* Net weight: 110 g / total weight: 160 g
* Packing size: 100*98*90 mm
* Specifications: The product is placed in a bubble cellophane bag and packaged in a cardboard