Wood Dining Plates


Whatever you’re eating, and whoever you’re eating it with, your plate set is a critical part of the setting, and nothing is more central than your plates.

  • This set features refined shapes and natural variations in the wood's tone and grain, making each piece unique. 
  • The charger can easily be paired with white, colored or patterned dinnerware, and may also be used on its own as a serving platter for fruit and cheese, snacks or sweets.
  • Well suited for hosting occasions at home, or, celebrating weddings, birthdays, bridal/baby showers etc.
  • Versatile to decor styles and themes such as outdoor, coastal, Mediterranean, minimalist, country, rustic, and tropical 
  • Keeps grilled food hotter for longer, steak knives sharp and contains juices so they don't transfer to your plate.

Material: Wood